Red Monkey Foods

Leading Provider of Private Label, Organic Spices and Seasonings.

We offer packaging options and product development services for multiple categories.


We make spice the life of food.

It’s what we do. It’s in our DNA. Pushing the boundaries of flavor, our Research & Development team creates custom products that captivate the senses and wow customers with the unexpected. And we continue our original thinking right on to the packaging for unique options that stand out on the shelf. Our team will move you from idea to delicious reality.

Insights: Your map to every flavor adventure.

What flavors are consumers drawn to? How do you know if your idea meets today’s tastes and demands? You need insights to make your organic spice and seasoning program relevant. That’s why we offer the latest trend information and syndicated sales data to create the best category assortment and profitable pricing models.

Formulation & Product Development

If variety is the spice of life, then you can be sure when it comes to spice and seasoning products, consumers enjoy having a wide selection. Flavor is the hero. People want bigger, bolder, more intriguing flavors to wow and surprise them. How do you keep up and ensure that your shopper is delighted? From concept through product development to product launch, Red Monkey Foods can skillfully help you build a brand that is anything but bland.

Bottle design

Design: Looking good and tasting good.

Thoughtful and intriguing packaging leaves a lasting impression your shoppers. We work with top suppliers around the world for unique, custom designs that offer endless possibilities and ample supply. From glass jars to foil packets to poly stand pouches or bags, our designs break through the clutter and drive purchase interest.

Seasoned in sourcing.

Our direct sourcing supply chain is your connection to a world of flavor. From farm to shelf, we purchase premium products at the best price, sustainably.


We manufacture single ingredient seasoning blends and custom flavor solutions in a highly flexible facility of modern equipment.


Ideas and products are great, but you also need a supplier that can deliver in full and on time. At Red Monkey Foods, we understand how critical it is to meet the changing needs of our customers. We have partnered with our suppliers and freight expeditors to have the necessary material available to produce goods with and get them to you on time, right place, right time.


Harvesting flavor from around the world.

We specialize in globally sourced, farm-direct commodities including spices, seasonings, grain and value-add dry flavor products.

Organic Spices

Your customers want flavor they can feel good about. That’s why we focus on creating premium organic spices in endless product varieties. Our knowledgeable supply team works directly with the origin to find safe, sustainable volumes that meet your customers’ expectations. We give you the competitive edge by always pursuing the gold standard in quality from supply to packaging.

Organic Spices

Organic Seasonings

Flavor makes everything more interesting, including your brand. Red Monkey Food Scientists creatively formulate with your business in mind to develop products that range from savory grilling seasonings to exotic ethnic blends. We embrace classic flavors and go after emerging trends while maintaining all Organic Certified standards.

Organic Seasonings

Organic Recipe Mixes

Our passion for flavorful, aromatic adventure comes out in our line of Recipe Mixes. These custom blends offer your brand flavor solutions for any meal. Our line of organic dips, gravy, sauces and main dish seasonings deliver brand appeal while providing consumers with proven recipes.

Recipe Mixes


We manufacture single ingredient, multi-ingredient blends, and custom flavor solutions in a highly flexible facility of modern equipment.

Additionally, we package our premium bulk offerings in durable industrial kraft bags or corrugated boxes designed to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens and production facilities.



We bring more than flavor to the table.

We keep a pulse on the organic industry to fully support you in your category and program development efforts.

Exchanging Ideas, Data & Expertise

We meet with our own brand sourcing team to review your business. Our focus is to let insight drive program development. Collaborate, then execute.