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Seafood Recipes

5 Spice Salmon Almond Crusted Salmon
Who said healthy had to be bland? This flavorful salmon will keep you and your waistline happy.
Flaky salmon and crunchy almonds make this recipe one that will keep showing up at your table.
Asian Grilled Tuna Baked Dill Shrimp
This tangy tuna fish dish will be so tasty; it may not stay on the table long.
It’s been grilled, it’s been fried. Try something new and bake this tasty shrimp.
Baked Fish Almondine Baked Tilapia
Steak gotten old? Then try this crunchy fish as an alternative. Your family won’t even miss the steak and chicken.
Flakey baked fish will have your family glad that meatloaf didn’t hit the table again.
Bay Style Fillets Blackend Halibut
San Francisco style without the chance of an earthquake ruining your dinner.
Don’t let the name scare you, it’s not burnt. That’s all the flavor sealed in.
Broiled Glazed Salmon Cilantro and Lime Scallops
Broiled doesn’t mean boring. Give this glazed salmon a try and you’ll taste for yourself.
These sea-side inspired scallops will transport your taste buds to beach cantinas and salty air, without the travel.
Cocktail Gazpacho with Colossal Crab Claws Coconut Prawn with Mango Dip
Fancy names don’t translate to hard-to-make. This easy seafood starter will wow your guests.
The salty taste of seafood with the sweet taste of fruit is a combination that is easy to do and always pleases.
Crab Cakes Crispy Fish Fillet with Orange Sauce
This comfort food is easy to make and great for an appetizer, main dish, or side dish.
Even fish can get old, so spice it up with a tangy orange sauce and save it from flavor fatigue.
Crunchy Salmon Cakes Fish Rolls
Crab cakes are good, but have been done. Salmon cakes, however, are unexpected and delicious.
The taste of fish, combined with the wow-power of stuffed foods. Try this at your next dinner party and let this dish impress.
Steamed Crab Legs with a Mango Habanera Drawn Butter Crab and Saffron Risotto
This butter is so flavorful; the crab legs hardly need any seasoning at all.
A unique and tasty dish that will keep you warm on those cold winter nights. After all, reheated chili is only tolerable for so long.
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