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Red Monkey Foods Relocating to Republic, Missouri 2014 Dynamic Dozen No. 8: Red Monkey Foods
Red Monkey Foods has been in operation for 10 years, and located in Mt. Vernon for eight years. But a new facility is currently under construction in Republic,
Red Monkey Foods President and CEO Jeff Brinkhoff prefers to focus on quality, not quantity, in the niche market of organic spices and all-natural seasonings.
Red Monkey Foods: Spice Maker in Ozarks Gets National Attention Congressman Billy Long Visits Red Monkey Foods
An unusual spice line created by Red
Monkey Foods is made in the Ozarks, but is getting a national reputation.
Seventh District Congressman Billy Long stopped at Red Monkey Foods in
Mt. Vernon as part of his two-day manufacturing tour..
2012 Business Class Honoree: Red Monkey Foods 2012 Dynamic Dozen No. 8: Red Monkey Foods
When Jeff Brinkhoff launched Red Monkey Foods in 2002, he expected the company to grow, but that growth started more quickly than he expected.
The team at Mount Vernon-based Red Monkey Foods stayed busy in 2011, selling some 4.5 million spice units and generating more than $7 million in revenues...
417 Magazine: 2009 People of the Year Red Monkey Foods Honored with Missouri Chamber 2011 Fast-Track Award
Jeff Brinkhoff has come a long way from his father’s dairy barn in Golden City. That barn housed his organic spice company, Red Monkey, during its first year in 2002.
The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and
Industry has recognized Red Monkey Foods of Mount Vernon as one of the
fastest-growing companies in the state.
Red Monkey Foods - Feisty with Flavor
January 2012 - Missouri Life Magazine: Jeff Brinkhoff has a taste for business. As head of Mount Vernon-based Red Monkey Foods, a company that produces spices...
Red Monkey Foods