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Chicken and Poultry Recipes

5 Spice Chicken Wings Arroz Con Pollo
Once spiced chicken? Nonsense. Five spiced chicken? Now we’re talking about flavor.
For those who don’t speak Spanish, this chicken and rice dish is anything but bland. In fact, it’s a fiesta for your taste buds.
BBQ Jerk Chicken Beer Can Chicken
Barbeque chicken has been done before, but throw on some Jamaican jerk seasoning and flavor fatigue is non-existent.
Two great things combine in this recipe, beer and chicken. This recipe will call to you for your next grill out.
Buttermilk Coconut Chicken Strips Cajun and Swiss Chicken
Kid-friendly enough for picky eaters, but grown up enough for everyone to enjoy.
This unique flavor combination will leave your taste buds wowed and confused, but wanting more. Leftovers won’t be a problem.
Cajun Chicken Kabobs Chicken Cordon Bleu
These kabobs have a Cajun kick that will have your grill turned into the new neighborhood hot spot.
These chicken rolls call for ham and cheese, but be creative with this recipe. Try asparagus and mushrooms, or any combination. This recipe is as versatile as your family is.
Chicken in Lemon and Garlic Chicken Mango Curry
This classic combination never gets old. After all, some classics are classic for a reason.
This tropical curry will first bring up questions, but once tasted will only bring compliments. Be adventurous tonight.
Chicken Parmesan Chicken Rebecca
This Italian classic will please the whole family is easy enough to make on those busy weeknights. Who said Thursday night had to be leftovers?
Stacy, Jessie, and Carla have nothing on this Chicken Rebecca. Dinner might just have to change its name.
Garlic Grilled Chicken Grilled Hawaiian Chicken
Garlic improves many things, and grilled chicken is no exception.
Taste the tropics with this fruity chicken dish tonight. It’s much cheaper than taking the whole family to the beach this summer.
Chicken Cardinale
Chicken is already good, but add mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, and soon that chicken is ready to meet Sunday dinner as opposed to Wednesday night.
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