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Red Monkey Foods is located in the sprawling Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri. Our focus is concentrated on having fun, and ensuring this fun exists with others who love spending time in the kitchen, or front of the outdoor grill. At Red Monkey Foods, we want to make sure you have the latest and greatest in innovative high quality products, at a reasonable price.


At Red Monkey Foods we continually strive to meet the demands of today's consumers who are insisting on new and exciting flavors. Red Monkey Foods is proud to be a pioneer in utilizing the latest technology available to introduce cutting edge products. Our mission is helping customers with issues such as time constraints, flavor fatigue, health concerns, and of course, preparing great tasting meals. At the Red Monkey Foods development lab our focus is offering lower sodium products, free of MSG and other unhealthy ingredients. This combination, along with our eye catching graphics will help ensure we add profitability to the spice category for retailers.

Spices and seasonings are our passion, and the Monkey knows a thing or two about them. We are committed to educating consumers on how to incorporate herbs, spices, and seasonings in their everyday meals. Our commitment to our retailers and consumers is unsurpassed when it comes to customer service. You can count on the Monkey to provide an amazing variety of seasoning blends, and we are constantly working in our labs on the next fabulous flavor concoction!


At Red Monkey Foods we take the quality of our products very seriously. We don't believe in putting anything on your table that we wouldn't serve our families and friends. We maintain high standards to ensure the best quality products for our consumers. The Monkey only purchases herbs and spices from the current year's crop and chooses to keep small quantities of products in our warehouses to ensure our customers are able to buy the freshest ingredients possible. Because of this commitment to quality, there is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Red Monkey Foods welcomes feedback. We love to hear how you think we are doing. The Monkey reads all comments and does his best to reply to everyone.


We offer cooking tips, recipes, and a whole lot of fun. Submit your own videos and recipes to our website and be part of the fun, creative community of aspiring chefs that just love to play in the kitchen.

  • Organic & All Natural, no MSG, lower sodium content: the healthy choice
  • High quality product with a competitive price
  • Line-Priced: easy for retail, easy for the customer
  • Selection meets demand from consumers wanting new & exciting flavors and unique blends
  • Innovative products that have a place in the mainstream market
  • A convenient way to prepare a healthy, flavorful meal
  • Superior customer service & great attention to detail: a fun company to work with
Red Monkey Foods